The End

In december 2014 we launched an online tool where people like you and I can book artists to play in their living room.

350 concerts later we will stop running this service. The artists gave 12,000 concert goers an unforgettable experience.

But we think just a booking platform isn't enough to deliver a "one stop shop" for artists and concert organisers. We saw endless possibilities to expand the service, develop new functionalities, offer new artists, make unique video content, promote the service internationally and deliver an even better service for hosts and their attendees.

But like every digital startup, you need people and money to give the best of you everyday: from software developers to designers, customer agents and communication professionals. The investment that was needed to take that next step, kept out. We refused to take that money from the organisers by raising the booking fee, or letting artists pay for the service we offered to them.

We still hope that we've inspired you enough to organise more private and cosy concerts in the future! Just google your favorite artist,

Hans, Jelle & Michael